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How to name a business?

Posted by Admin on 7-10-2021

How to come up with catchy names for your new business.  

How to name a business

Brainstorming is only the beginning and will only get you so far. I'm going to outline some key steps that are going to help you get to a great business name step one make it original being original isn't easy, but it's essential when starting a new business as a startup you need to compel people to notice. You don't be afraid to stand up to start to generate a whole bunch of names.   

It's more about the free flow of ideas in your imagination explore keywords find words that are Related to your business or service. Let's say you're a dog walker. You could use Park's pups leash.  

Try to read it crack open a book or even skim through the dictionary to find words that resonate with you play it upshift words around create a running shortlist and keep iterating. When you think you've come up with everything.  

Keep going a step to make it future-proof.  

How to name a business

One thing you don't want to do is create a name that you'll grow out of it. Eventually. This is a common mistake to look for in the future of today. Your company only sells women's shoes, but eventually, you'd like to add a men's line then it's probably a good idea to not name. Your company. God is Heels by feeling it.  

That's my company name think Story versus product consider your company story values and What Makes You Different as you brainstorm grab a piece of paper and a pen and start writing it all down. If you're a service-based business having your service of the name can be helpful like Andres Construction.  

It's pretty good to ensure your name is memorable. Keep it simple and don't overcomplicate it step three make it user-friendly.  

This is a big one.  

How to name a business

This is a big one say it spell it type it. It's important to choose a name that's easy to say spell and type into Google even if it's just a made-up word choosing a name that can help people find you quickly to put you ahead of the game impose creative constraints as you get deeper into brainstorming limit yourself to company names that have only one word or two syllables. This will help me come up with more Punchy name ideas. You can even take We're going to top ideas come up with a rough logo design like this one.  

Get feedback asked if you trusted friends or family members to weigh in on name ideas. Who are you talking to if you say a name and they immediately ask you a bunch of questions or look views. You may want to rethink step 4, make sure it's available.  

Once you have a few company names that you're happy with it's time to do some digging for SEO and legitimacy purposes. You'll want your name in your website URL make sure that it's also available in form. If it's not it's not the end of the world but is the best if you forget it.  

Check it. You can use tools like GoDaddy to check if your domain is available.  

How to name a business

If it isn't don't worry, you still have options you can add a word of the start or end of your name popular ones include app debt, or hello again, if you're a service-based industry, you can try adding your offerings here. They think Alex Rose or Black Sheep  

Check to see if the name is taken from places like Facebook Pinterest Instagram or Twitter. If it is, you can always add something to the beginning of the end of the name, but you already knew that step 5, make sure you love it. It goes without saying but most importantly you have to love your new business name can feel very confident about putting it out into the world. Once you finalize your business name.